“Women’s Work of Traditioning”


LogoSwirlAs I wrote in my second book (Walking with Wisdom’s Daughters, published by Ave Maria Press in 2006, p. 32), “traditioning is receiving and giving.  Receiving a living legend, one story at a time, one life at a time.  Traditioning is remembering well… the stories of those who went before us, and our own… even and especially the ones that are wombed and birthed out of darkness.  Traditioning is bringing these stories to God for a blessing, breaking them open and sharing the food of courage and compassion, wisdom, and loving persistence.  Traditioning is living into the legacy of these stories of God’s deliverance at work in human flesh… resisting any evil that would wipe out, distort, or ignore any of God’s children… and extending the table of welcome to all God’s children.  Traditioning is handing on that legacy, purposefully, intentionally, etched with our own fingerprints and footprints.  It is passing on what really matters, for the sake of the ones who come after us.”  In this retreat, we tell and hear the stories of our women ancestors in faith, connecting what really mattered for them with what really matters for us.  What do we long to hand on?

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