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Gloria Ulterino

DSC00004During my years as Parish Pastoral Associate, Temporary Pastoral Administrator and head of the diocesan Office on Women in Church and Society, I came to see the enormous need for women… past and present.. to claim their voices.  Now I am keeping a promise made in 1995 to Prisca, Junia and Phoebe (Romans 16:1-7) during my Master of Divinity studies (completed since then) to get the word out on them… and so many others.


Richie Smith

Wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother from Canandaigua.  Being part of Women of the Well lets me exercise my love of writing and acting and, with others, give voice to forgotten women in our heritage.”


Deni Mack


A very ill priest invited me to accompany him back to seminary for psychology courses in 1972.  Enthusiasm for bible study soared as our Spirit-filled church implemented the teachings of the second Vatican Council compelling me to matriculate in the very same seminary that prepared our priests.  I devoured every scripture course while raising our four children and working full time as director of faith formation at a parish with 1000 children.  Pastors invited me to preach and serve as pastoral associate since I had three masters degrees (education, biblical theology and divinity) and a doctorate in ministry (concentration in spiritual theology).  Since 1998 Women of the Well have researched, written about and portrayed gallant women of scripture, tradition and contemporary times at retreat centers, universities, colleges, mother houses and churches near and far.  These gifted, faith-filled women are not afraid of the difficult passages in scripture or history.  We’re resilient, resourceful, prayerful and eager to tell the stories that heal and challenge all to not only catch glimpses of the sacred but to be who our baptism calls and gifts us to be:  priestly, prophetic and royal sharers in Jesus’ ministries.

Penny Gardner

10659419_372232059591555_1493436241151387481_nI first experienced Women of the Well at my parish in their presentation of “Miriam’s Well.” I was drawn deeply into the story through their words, song and dance, and scripture came alive in a way I had never
experienced. I thought “Someday I would love to be a part of this.” That someday has come, and what a blessing for me to share in Spirit’s creative movement with these faith-filled women! It is an honor to break open God’s living word through drama, song, movement and prayer, and to use my gifts to invite others to be drawn deeply into stories of women throughout history who have much to teach us all about faithfulness on our journey to our loving God.

Marilyn Catherine

It’s playacting, and it’s prayer..for we tell the stories not just to recollect the wonderful deeds God has done in our past; but to make real and alive God’s marvelous works in the present.  To remind ourselves that at any moment, right here and now, in our presence, God could work a miracle again.”


Lorraine Fusare
My involvement with Women of the Well came through Gloria Ulterino’s thoughtful involvement of our parishioners in the developing a message she would prepare for a Sunday Worship service. Through her I heard about the storytelling group and was intrigued that I might be able to learn about storytelling……to children, so I thought. After seeing the first presentation of Certain Women, I knew that this was a true learning journey I hoped to have…..to be involved with the powerful women of that group. Through them and with them, I have learned and experienced the Power of the Word and the need and importance of women carrying the message to all who will listen.
Maxine Childress Brown
Women of the Well is a phenomenal group which offers religious stories to the larger community; bringing enlightenment and warmth to all.  I am so proud to be a part of this group.  WOW encourages my creativity of which I am most grateful.
Cindy Mildenberger

CindyM2When I first heard Biblical Storytelling, I was intrigued. I wanted to hear more and learn more. Hearing the stories told added a whole new dimension to the Bible. Every story I heard told, I could relate to. The Bible came to life for me. I didn’t know how but I wanted to share this discovery with others. Connecting with the Women of the Well hasbeen such a blessing. The creativity of Women of the Well in presenting the scripture makes it so much easier to make the connection with our lives today; and being able to contribute and be part of the “ah-hah” moments is so rewarding! But that’s not all, every time we tell a story I learn more, and I love it! The stories are so deep that you continue to learn not only every time you hear it, but tell it. Hear more, learn more; it’s so invigorating!

Arlene Brown
  As a member of Women of the Well, I am able to use my talents to present the gospel message in a unique way.  These ladies are a supportive prayer team that is making a positive difference in my life and the lives of others.


Alicia Ward
W.O.W. — an opportunity to minister and celebrate women of God through the arts; a privilege and honor of which I am reverent and grateful.  Through Women of the Well God has fulfilled my dream of being a dancer. WOW!




Jennifer Case

Being the stay-at-home mom of three little girls and a little boy, I found that I had little time to pursue my love of writing, acting, and dance. At the same time, I kept wondering how I was supposed to be using the gifts God had blessed me with. I was led to Women of the Well, where I have the opportunity to engage my interests for a very worthy end. The group has done much to nourish my spirit and mind, and I love knowing that we are helping to empower other women as they make their own journeys.
Elizabeth Harrington

Madge Ludwig
What’s my why? Stories give us moments of learning, reflecting, and inspiring.  I think we are all in this together.  Who and what matters in your life?
Colleen Schantz
“I am an avid writer, artist, and enjoy music and dance. I have always loved sharing stories about spirituality, from a young age. I knew Women of the Well would be the perfect place to do this with other women who shared my passion for the Gospel message! Their mission of reconciliation and inclusion resonates with people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds. This truly is the Good News we have been called to share, and being a part of this has enriched my life!”

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