“The Voices of Women, Prophetic, Proud, Powerful and Playful”


LogoSwirlWe consider Giving Voice to be an expression of our entire being, from inside out.  We speak in a variety of voices, depending on circumstances, as women have done from the beginning.  We might cry out in prayer.  We can be prophetic, calling those who act unjustly to responsibility for their actions.  Or, we might speak out of pride in the person God is creating in us.  And, we might be playful, seeing the humor in our surroundings, even in and through the tough times.  All this develops God-given power in us.  And, it has been so with women throughout our Tradition.  As we hear their stories, we identify with all that rings true in our own lives.  And we come to know the voices with which we speak, ever more clearly.  

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