“Eastertime Lessons and Carols”


LogoSwirlMost people connect Lessons and Carols with the Advent/ Christmas season.  Those who have experienced it know that it’s a prayerful reflection on the season, complete with Scripture, hymns and prayers.  “Women of the Well” have adapted that format to celebrate the heart of Easter joy: the risen Christ, who overcomes any struggle, and death in all its forms.  We will encounter the risen Christ through the stories of women at the dawn of Christianity, women who were leaders of the early Church.

     You are all invited to meet these remarkable women: Joanna (one of the many women who followed Jesus from Galilee), Mary of Magdala, Dorcas (or Tabitha, the only woman named a “disciple” in the entire New Testament), Lydia (first of Paul’s converts in Europe and leader of the house church at Philippi), Prisca (co-worker of Paul) and Phoebe (deacon of the house church in Cenchreae) in conversation with each other, and Mary, the mother of Jesus.  You will hear their stories, all rooted in our Scripture.  And celebrate the risen Christ in them through hymns and prayers and liturgical dance.  This is an evening of prayer, inspiration and awakening.






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