“Searching for God’s Name, including that of Wisdom Woman”


LogoSwirlHow has God been named in our Tradition?  How do we name God?  Have we shifted in our naming of God in any way?  Have we ever considered the Wisdom Woman as the Saving Presence of God?  She is so little known to many of us, even though she is found peeking out from numerous places in Scripture, if only we know where to look.  (In the Old Testament, see chapters 8 and 9 of Proverbs, and the Deutero-canonical books of Wisdom- especially chapters 6-11- and Sirach- especially chapters 24 and 51:13-28.  In the New Testament, John makes repeated comparisons of Jesus to Wisdom, through Jesus’ “I am” statements.  And Paul refers to Jesus as the Wisdom of God in 1Corinthians 1:22-25, 30.)  Who is this Woman?  How did she develop?  What has blocked her development?  And how might she impact on our lives today, as we come to know her?

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