“The Sacred Friendship of Women”

The Sacred Friendship of Women:
A Women’s Retreat

A creative, prayerful offering by the “Women of the Well” with story, music and dance, this retreat taps into women’s experience today, connecting it with the friendships of some of our earliest ancestors in faith. The stories told will reveal God’s work in many of our own relationships. These stories include (1) the daughter of Pharaoh, who adopted Moses as her very own, (2) Shiphrah and Puah, the first Scriptural non-violent resistors to oppression, (3) Naomi and Ruth, (4) Elizabeth and Mary, (5) Mary and Martha of Bethany, and (6) early Christian leaders Prisca and Phoebe. In the course of the day, time is offered for prayerful reflection and conversation, so that everyone is more fully awakened to God’s activity in our own friendships.