“Miriam’s Well”



       This program was our first daughter.  And she was born out of Scriptural research, prayerful creation, and Jewish midrash.  What is midrash?  Rabbis of old… even into the present day… would study the Scripture, all the while listening carefully to the echoes in between the lines.  They would ask questions of all that wasn’t there; and then create stories in answer to those questions.  We have done the same.

     This liturgical drama is complete with Scripture, story, song, and liturgical dance.  Beginning with a nineteenth century Jewish midrash on the healing power of Miriam’s well, we first tell the story of Miriam, sister of Moses.  Other women make their way to her well: the Samaritan Woman, the woman with the flow of blood, and Mary the mother of Jesus at the foot of the Cross.  But their stories were not simply “once upon a time.”  For they continue in us today.    

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